Shifo Art Community Annual Exhibition 2018

May 19 - June 19, 2018

Shifi Art Comumunity Gallery, Zhengzhou, CN

After twelve years of precipitation and nirvana, in 2015 the new gallery of Shifu Art Commune was opened, in 2016 the “heritage” was forged ahead, and in 2017 the annual exhibition was “full of spring colours”. 2018 is the new beginning of Shifu Art Commune’s pursuit of dreams and blossoming. The only way to live up to this beautiful time is to bloom hard!

In a sense, the Shifo Art Commune Annual Exhibition is a bridge for Shifo artists to communicate internationally, and it will prepare and pave the way for the Shifo International Art Conference. With the completion of the campus, the Shifo Art Commune will take on a new attitude to welcome the new art tide.

The 2018 Shifo Art Commune Annual Exhibition selects a wider range of works: installation, video, sculpture, mixed media, as well as oil, Chinese painting and watercolour, aiming to present a more comprehensive picture of the artist’s creative state in the past year. The exhibition is a microcosmic record of one’s travels to other countries, as well as an individual view of the outside world.

Date 19 May 2018 – 19 Jun 2018
Year 2018
Organizer Shifo Art Community Gallery
Shifo Art Community Gallery

Science Avenue 1