Li Feng

Li Feng’s statement as a poet.

In 2006, and for many years afterwards, I intermittently engaged in poetry creation. I was well aware of what others were doing in this era, as what you could see on television at that time was almost the growth and success stories of various business heroes – becoming rich and achieving a comfortable life became the prevailing trend of society.

Since the formation of political relations in human society, the highest goal of all activities has been to obtain resources for survival and development. In academic terms, this highest goal is known as economics. I do not deny the estrangement and loneliness that I have experienced for years, and the oppression, suffocation, and alienation that coexist with them in this world. During those years, I lived alone in a room of less than 40 square meters in Building 14 of China Railway Third Bureau, and completed the writing and preparation for the publication of my first poetry collection, “The Injured Apple,” in an era that was not suitable for poetry.

Today, in deep understanding and astonishment, I have realized my longing for the past.

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