The Enigmatic Reality Cross-section: On Li Feng’s Artistic Practice

Li Feng pieces together glimpses and ambiguous cross-sections of reality, using a visually complex and multi-layered language that invokes both truth and illusion to delve deep into forbidden territory. In Li Feng’s dying moments and within restricted settings, opposing forces engage in a dangerous and mysterious negotiation. For tempting objects, he uses stern compositions in […]

Shifo Art Community Annual Exhibition 2018

After twelve years of precipitation and nirvana, in 2015 the new gallery of Shifu Art Commune was opened, in 2016 the “heritage” was forged ahead, and in 2017 the annual exhibition was “full of spring colours”. 2018 is the new beginning of Shifu Art Commune’s pursuit of dreams and blossoming. The only way to live […]

2022 John Moores Painting Prize (China) Exhibition

2022 John Moores Painting Prize (China) Exhibition (the second show) in TAG Art Museum, from 05/20/23 to 08/06/23. This is the continuation, as a tour exhibition, of the previous exhibition in Shanghai. All the participating artists are the same as the previous one. Date 20 May 2023 – 06 Aug 2023 Year 2023 Curators Lewis Biggs Organizer […]